糖石舟ー神話を紡ぐ、マッタウ Sugar Stone Ship – Weaving Myth, Mattau


精糖石、古レンガ、石、石灰、牡蠣殻灰、餅粉、黒糖 / H0.5m×W0.5m×D20m / 麻豆古港文化園 / 常設 / 台南、台湾 / 2018年


Sugar Stone Ship – Weaving Myth, Mattau

Bricks, stones, sugar stone, tree, lime, sand, shell, sticky rice water, sugar water / H1.2m×W5m×D14m / Madou Cultural Park of Ancient Port /  Permanent / Madou Sugar Industry Art Triennale / Tainan, Taiwan / 2019

There is the Historical Site of old port made in the 17th century in Madou. Madou (Matta=eye, au=port, by Siraya language) flourished as a port of sugar and it was the place of faith of the local people. But now the lagoon was lost and it is inland. The old port was made from Taiwanese ancient cement, oyster shell ash, sand, brown sugar and sticky rice.
I got this inspiration of the ship from the burning ship festival held once every three years in Donggang and wave-like women’s dancing in the circle at the Alizu Night Festival of the Siraya tribe. By making the ships symbolizing these two, We revive the sacred place in Madou. I dug up the old red bricks that are also included sugar factory’s bricks 100 years ago from the forest and made a ship that has a sugar making stone and a banyan tree as a stern using old bricks and the ancient cement. The red brick is a material that symbolizes the history of the sugar industry in Madou.


While making this work, a shaman woman who dreamed that something wrong was going to happen in Madou came from Yilan, which is almost on the other side of Tainan, and she asked me, ” which direction is this ship?” I asked that. She was asked to fix it because she was in the wrong direction. Madou’s Dragon Throat Pond is a very important place in Feng Shui, and I was building a ship toward the sea, but that would cause Taiwan’s luck to escape, so she asked me to turn the ship inland. she asked seriously. If the Taiwanese people say so much, I thought of sugar stones and banyan trees as the bow, but changed it to the stern and made the new bow. They were happy to say that this would bring good luck to Taiwan, and they wrote down the word of God at the opening. And she was invited to come to Yilan and stayed at her temple in Yilan. She was the highest shaman in Yilan’s number one temple. Then, we went to the temple of God who gave us a greeting and pilgrimaged to the temple. The experience actually seemed to be spinning modern myths, as the title Weaving Myths called.