Sugar Stone Ship- Weaving Myth, Mattau / Red brick, stone, sugar stone, tree, lime, oyster shell ash, oyster shell flour, clay, sand, sticky rice flour, brown sugar / 2019 / Madou Sugar Industry Art Triennale / Madoou Ancient Port Cultural Park / Tainan, Taiwan
36 sugar stones and 72 big stones were thrown in the Dragon pond in Madou Cultural Park of Ancient Port by the Fengshui guru of Qing Dynasty and the spirit hole
was blocked. After that, Extreme weather occurred, Madou's prosperity was lost, so it was removed in 1956 by a sherman. I was fascinated by the sugar stone being
swallowed by a banyan tree and becoming one, I arranged the stones that seems to be a part of 72 stones and made the shape of the boat with the sugar stone and the
banyan tree as a mast. I think that this beautiful stones are relic of the Siraya people.There is the Madou Shuijuetou Historical Site of old port made in the 17th
century in the Phoenix pond. It was made from Taiwanese ancient cement, oyster shell ash, sand, sugar water and sticky rice water. I dug up old red bricks that are
also included sugar factory bricks 100 years ago from forest, made a ship that has a stern with a sugar stone and a banyan tree using old bricks and the ancient cement.
Photo by Rich John Matheson
The Ship of Shells – Shiraya, Weaving Myth / shell, epoxy resin / 0.3m × 0.3m × 3m / Daofeng Lagoon Museum / Taiwan / 2018 / Photo by Rich John Matheson
Sugar Stone Ship - Weaving Myth , Mattau / co-star Hsieh Antong (poem) and Wu Zhaoshin, Wu Xinting (Saxophone) / Madoou Ancient Port Cultural Park / Tainan, Taiwan
When I was making this work, a shaman woman who dreamed that something wrong was going to happen in Madou came from Yilan, which is almost on the other
side of Tainan, and she asked the direction of this ship. And she asked to fix it because the direction is wrong. The Madou Dragon Pond is a very important place in
Feng Shui, and the ship was made towards the sea, but Taiwan's luck would escape by it, so she asked the ship seriously to go inland. I pondered about it. I was
thinking the sugar stone and the banyan tree as the bow. But if the people of Taiwan hope seriously it, I could change it as the stern and made a bow. They were
happy it to bring good luck to Taiwan, and they visited many times and wrote God's words at the opening day. Then she invited us to come to Yilan, and we stayed
at the temple in Yilan. She was the highest shaman of the best temple in Yilan. And we went to the temple of the god who gave her the dream for the greetings and
went around the temple. The title of “Weaving Myth” invited the experience, it seems that the modern myth are now created.
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